Oregon High School to Introduce “Marijuana Studies” Class to Curriculum in 2016.


An unnamed high school located in Oregon has announced a plan to introduce a marijuana-focused class to it’s students. Dripfeed received a notification from the school’s PTA Public Relations Department on Tuesday afternoon. The notification claimed that it would offer a semester of “…activities revolving around learning the effects, culture, cultivation, and marketing surrounding the Marijuana industry.” 

Dripfeed turned to social media to get further details surrounding the use of marijuana by the high school students, we received a Facebook friend request, followed by a student’s personal testimonial sent via Facebook Messenger:


“Well basically, [when the class smokes] I start to feel released from the constraints of society. I start to imagine the classroom as this small box that I can float above. From my new perspective above the classroom, I notice how the campus is like a maze with multiple endings and solutions. One path of the maze leads you to Advanced Math class, the other path takes you to eat chicken nuggets with the special-ed kids in the cafeteria because you got there too early. It’s like this whole place is made of hallways.”


Photo Courtesy of PTA Public Relations Association.


Dripfeed will continue to stay in contact with the high school and relay developments on this groundbreaking educational class.

What are your thoughts about high schoolers using weed to get high? Leave your comments below.

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