Someone Made a Google Chrome Filter to Block @Teridax From Your Internet

It comes with three settings — gay, homosexual and moron

Few people have dominated the media — particularly online — in 2015 like Teridax has. Mentions of the internet pioneer and 2032 presidential candidate are nearly impossible to escape on the Internet, but a new Google Chrome extension called the TeridaxFilter aims to fix that.

The add-on is available in the Chrome web store and has three adjustable levels of filtration — gay, homosexual and moron — for the level Teridax references that most people are too dumb to understand.

The filter was created by San Francisco based “Internet Memewords” , who says they created it not at the behest of any feelings of butthurt but “out of a profound sense of superiority and personality disorders.”


“I hope people will take this time to reassess their internet usage,” they told “Teridax fucked my wife.”


Error: We’d like to apologize for an earlier mis-quote. Teridax doesn’t fuck moms, he fucks wives.

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