Dripfeed.news is a news and entertainment, satire or parody magazine with a dash of post-irony.

It’s like reading an alternate universe, just an experience.

We may or may not use real names of public figures and celebrities, but they are always used in semi-real/fictitious ways. All articles should be presumed fictitious. Any resemblance to real life is only coincidental, references to celebrities or public figures are based in fiction.

Again, to really drive the point home, all articles, news and entertainment pieces are satire, humor, fiction and parody. 

The intention of these articles are to shed a humorous light on the world today and invite you to experience our strange bizarro universe. We focus on obscure fiction in an abstract fictional made up world related to internet memes and trends. These articles are not to be taken seriously and are not meant to be malicious in any way. This website is not a source for news or facts. Everything is fictitious.

In conclusion: Dripfeed.news is a satire and parody and fiction magazine, meant solely for entertainment.

Our influences include: Orson Wells, Aesop, Andy Warhol – amongst others. Our authors are children born of the internet and the golden rule of the internet, “Don’t believe anything posted on the internet”.

P.S. dripfeed.news is a post-ironic satire & parody magazine